Kiara Gasgoigne

Kiara has been an apprentice at Lovacott Nursery since September 2022. She has shown a real commitment and passion to this role; embracing all the challenges it has to offer and in particular having a natural aptitude for caring for the babies. She has worked hard at becoming an invaluable member of the team, at times  overcoming her anxieties in order to communicate effectively with parent/carers and consequently establishing close relationships with the families at Lovacott. She has shown real creativity and enthusiasm when planning activities for the children always encouraging them all to join in, engage and learn.

On top of all of this, Kiara has found time to complete her English exam, passing with flying colours and is due to complete her Maths very soon. She wasn’t a big fan  exams at school so we are incredibly proud of her fro her determination and hard work. NVQ 3 next year Kiara!